Best tips to get you through the placement season

Best tips to get you through the placement season

The placement season is here! You are probably geared up to crack the exams and waltz through the interview and bag the job. But it’s easier said than done. And you know that too. There is a lot of things that you will have to go through before you enter the ‘interview’ round. And even the interview round can be scary. However, be confident and try not to worry too much. If you can prepare yourself in the right way, you can go through all the processes without a slight twitch!

Here are some life-saving tips for the placement season:

Decision and Preparation

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Firstly, you have to set your mind to a purpose: Are you going to go for a job or are you planning for higher studies? If you are going for a job, try to find out more about your preferred companies. Contact seniors of different companies through Linkedin and learn more about the companies. You have to redo this process after you pass the Aptitude test, so why not try it from the first? 

Prepare your Resume and be truthful in it. Unlike other professions, in this line of work, you will be asked about your resume. The interviewer might ask you about each of your hobbies and the languages you know. So make sure you are aware of the language and know it completely. Even if it’s only one language and it is just C++, make sure you can say everything about it.

Aptitude Test And Group Discussion

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The resume is done, now, you are confident to go for the exams. The first round is the aptitude test which will be different as per your profile. There are certain sections which you have to deal with:

Quantitative Aptitude: Mathematics related to Time and Distance, Logarithms, Compound and Simple Interests, Profit and Loss, etc. These can go from basic to moderately hard, but they are not generally very intense. You can go for R.S. Agarwal books, Arun Sharma courses or CAT books to prepare for this section.

Technical Aptitude: This will try to judge your technical knowledge and hence, you will face problems related to Pointers, Data Structures, Pseudo Code, Error Detection, SQL, etc. Let us C and Coding Ninjas are great sources for mastering this section.

Programming Abilities: Here you have to write a program choosing the language of your choice. The programs can be intermediate to hard, and there is a very important aspect to it – it will be used in your interviews. So, be careful which language you choose and how to conduct the programming. and are good places to master this. However, remember – coding is all about practising – so do 3 basic and 3 intermediate codes every day.

Analytical Reasoning: It will test you analytical side and can contain logical reasoning too. You can go through CAT papers for this.

Verbal Reasoning: You will have to solve problems where you have to use your reasoning skills. CAT papers and will suffice for your preparation.

Attention to Details: This is generally for Non-Tech companies where you will be provided questions where you have to attentively point out certain details asked in the question. is a good source for this.

Group Discussions: GD round is present in non-tech companies where your social skills, how you conduct a discussion and how you present your ideas in a group is understood. Be confident and don’t always disagree with others. Try to be a team player.

Technical Interview

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Once you clear the aptitude test, you enter the Technical Interview. The interviewer will ask you several questions relating to Algorithms, JAVA, C++, Python, Database Management Systems, SQL and Data Structures. Try going for UML diagrams to explain your project. Diagrams are always easier to understand and convey information. You have to understand the technology, how to integrate with real-world applications, scope, scalability, etc. 

Your interviewer will ask you the questions, again and again, to make sure that you are holding the integrity of your answers. Even if you don’t know the answer, just admit it. Don’t be silent or be afraid – that’s where the interviewer can get you. Books like Cracking the Coding Interview is great for this purpose. You can also go for the interview course provided by Coding Ninjas. It is here that questions on your Resume is asked. So, while preparing your Resume, reflect and create possible questions out of it to make the Resume really secured.

HR Interview

This is the final round: HRs are selected to hire the best people. It is a short round but it is a stressful round as an HR likes to read between the lines – to see your conduct and confidence. Be alert too and measure your words as you say it. Here you will be asked questions like:

  • Tell me more about yourself?
  • Family Background
  • Why this company?
  • Your strengths and your weaknesses
  • What makes you different from other candidates
  • Can you lead team?
  • Talking about your previous projects?
  • Opinions on transfer.

Stay confident and be genuine. Do not fumble. Ensure that you conduct yourself well during this round.

As a general tip, know more about your company and its eligibility. Be yourself and be truthful. Do not fall for the myth that learning languages will give you a high-paying job. Rather, it’s more about quality than quantity. If you know one language, know it inside out. And walk in with a confidence that you will be the chosen one, but not with the overconfidence that you have already been chosen. Find the balance.

If you’re looking to foolproof your placement preparation, be sure to check out the various courses offered by Coding Ninjas.

Best of luck.

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