Coding Ways: the friend you need, indeed!


Coding — whenever you hear it or see how it works, it looks like some kind of alien monster that has come to haunt your life. But there are ways which can help you understand coding. Firstly, it is a ‘study’ — and we know how studying can be boring and frustrating. Plus, it has mathematics in it. Learning anything without different ways leads you to a different path. And if all these don’t already make you feel afraid, coding is written in a strange language with brackets and semicolons and codes — half of which does not seem to make sense when you look at it suddenly. Weren’t you curious about the ways in which coding can become appealing?

We should never judge a book by its cover. Coding can actually look daunting, but behind all of it, coding can be an amazing friend. #codingsedosti can be easier than you’d have thought! Now, how can coding be a friend? Of course, it is not human and you can’t share the human sentimentalities with it. But coding can push you in many ways just like a friend would do, and just like a friend sticks with you throughout, even coding is a #skillforlife. Here are some of the benefits of coding:

1. Increasing your creativity

As human beings, we are creative people. We are always trying to produce something of our own. And sometimes, when things are really difficult, we like to team up with friends to work on something special which we can all ours. In the digital world, coding is like that friend. Do you want to create your own video game? Do you have a plan for a new app? Well, coding is there for you. It gives you all the tools necessary to follow your dream and make your mark in the digital world.

2. Helps you to solve problems

Why do we have the proverb — A friend in need is a friend indeed? Well, a friend does not run away from a problem but tries to solve it for you. Coding may not solve your problems, but it will make you capable of solving your own problems. Much better, isn’t it? Coding helps your logical side and makes you more capable of breaking down a problem into smaller parts and tackle each part individually. Now, you can train your brain to find wholesome solutions to all your different problems in a jiffy.

3. Persistence Never Fails

Life is not something that will sway without obstacles. There will be many barriers and sometimes, those barriers cannot be overcome at just that moment. You have to wait patiently and persist of breaking it apart. It is here that coding can help you a lot. When you are coding, there will be several errors and barriers that you come across. But coding helps you to persist and try new solutions, new problem solving tricks to get it right. Persistence is the key in coding and in the world too.

4. Improving communication

How can coding improve communication? Well, think about it — coding helps you to solve problems by breaking it into smaller parts. Now, in case of communication, you can use the same tactic. Your mind is full of information and since our brain in complex and we have a tendency to overthink, the information stored in it becomes complex too. Coding helps you to pick out the simple information from this confusing sprawl of information and then convey it easily. A better communication means fewer rumors and better networking.

5. Critical Thinking

In the current world of the internet, you will come across many information and many opinions. Now, you can you single out a proper information or rather come up with your own unique thought? You can do it through critical thinking. It is very important to be a critical thinker in this time, and coding is just the thing that will teach you to do some. Much of critical thinking has to do with logic, problem solving and thinking out of the box. When you face barriers in coding, you have to be creative and think of solutions out of the box. But you have to pair it with logic to make it truly work. And if you already know how to do all these, then Congrats! You are on your way to become a critical thinker.

6. Getting Your Dream Job

A friend empowers you in many ways and what’s more empowering than making you get a job that helps you get settled in life? Coding will help you get the dream job that you want. If you become a master of coding, you have many opportunities in your hand, from big shots like Google and Amazon to new startups coming up every day. Plus, coding will give you the power to say NO if a job doesn’t suit your needs. The choice is in your hands — now that’s true power.

Don’t be afraid of coding — make coding your friend. It will help you become a master of this world and the world of the future! And if you need a friend on this journey to befriending Coding, we welcome you to Coding Ninjas – where every concept is taken care from scratch, to ensure you only rise onwards and upwards!

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