YouTube for learning the essentials of Coding!


You know it for its cat videos and meme videos. Maybe the battle between T-Series and Pewdiepie has kept you hooked to it. Yes, we are talking about the famous YouTube. YouTube is the face of content creation and education videos right now. So, if you are looking to get your coding skills a boost, why don’t you try out YouTube? Coding ninja hosts a lot of educators and programmers to help you out with the coding. Let’s find out more about this famous YouTube channel that is going to make your coding easy peasy:

Coding Ninjas

If you really want to get the best coding mind, you need an environment which promotes both education and interaction. Coding Ninjas is the ultimate channel which mixes the two. With programmers turned educators and educators turned programmers, this channel will give you an in-depth knowledge of Python, C++ and advanced machine learning. Plus, to inspire you further, you get success stories of people working with Microsoft and Google. Get a personal in-depth learning experience with Coding Ninjas YouTube Channel.

The Coding Ninja Sections That Will Interest You


By setting an educative environment, Coding Ninjas makes sure that despite being in front of a a computer screen, you can have an immersive education session. From interactive dialogue to webinars and foundation courses, Coding Ninjas gives you the guidance to learn the difficult concepts of programming just on your mobile phone. Just keep your copies ready and start coding.

Tech Tales

A small brief on certain interesting concepts of technology — tech tales discusses about different new and complicated process behind programming. Unlike the educative sessions, this is more personal — after all, not everyone likes to stay in that authoritative classroom. Get on a one-to-one feel with your teacher as they discuss new concepts and get subtle tips for your next programming journey.

Success Stories

Are you feeling a little demotivated with all the complicated programming you have to go through? Keep your chin up — look at the success that so many students just like you had got. Hear from them personally how they studied and how they excelled. Remember, it’s not always about working hard but working smart that matters. Let them guide you and one day, you will have your success story here too!

Interview Experience

Selected for a top company? Worried about how the interview process will take place? Just watch the interview experience of some of the star students who cracked the interview and have been selected among thousands for a job position. Find out their strengths — the difficulty of the interviews and how their own projects. Develop your mindset and go out there — your job position is waiting for YOU to fill it up.

Coding Ninjas have set everything for an all-round learning experience for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get your headphones out, set your copies in front and start learning to code like a master!