Why you shouldn’t ignore honing your aptitude skills?


So, are you looking for your dream job? Well, we can assume one thing about you-you are probably not looking for a boring job where people are always ordering something and you have to mindlessly do it. Nope — years of education does not teach you that. Rather, you would like to go for a job which requires you to put your own unique brain power into action so that you can do something for the company and for your personal development.

Well, the thing is — companies are searching for the same thing. They are looking for people who are innovative. Or at least, people who have the skills to contribute in some kind of innovative endeavour.

So, do we have your attention now? Sounds like your dream job!

But to develop your skills in innovation, you have to focus on certain areas of your personality. These are the specific points that an interviewer looks for in a creator:


It goes without saying that you need to be creative. You have to find out new, unique solutions to different problems. And not only that, you might even have to come up with new problems so as to test the system. The importance of creativity is to find out a way around the system so that you can develop a completely new kind of system.


Somewhat similar to creativity — problem-solving lies at the heart of any creative endeavour. Think about it — you are given a problem. Now, you know the solution, but it’s long and tedious. How will you get around it easily? Tap into your creative force. To be innovative, you have to identify the problem and then tackle it in the best way you can. Come up with innovative solutions.

Finally, Communication

Written or Verbal, communication is what makes a plan into action. You might be a genius who has solved a problem in the shortest time, but unless you communicate it, what’s the use? Your solution is nothing unless it’s put out in the world. So, develop your communication skills and spread out your creativity and solution.

Now, we know what an interviewer requires from you. But how do you hone these skills? The practice is the key — but practising what? The answer is just under your nose — it’s aptitude tests, believe it or not. We will explain how:

What Are Aptitude Tests?

Aptitude Tests are carefully designed assessments which can help to determine the skill or talent of a candidate or employee in specific fields. So, not only is it a way to develop your skills, it is also a way of eliminating any field that you may not excel in. It’s not a bad thing to be specialized in one field and to be bad in another. After all — A jack of all trades, king of none — remember?

The good news for you here is that we, at Coding Ninjas, have launched a course that will especially cater to your Aptitude learning skills. The mentor during the course will be someone whom all of us know, he doesn’t really require much introduction – Arun Sharma!

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Now, let’s look at the aptitude tests, shall we? What skills do they help you with?

  • Numerical Reasoning: Numerical reasoning asks you to interpret data, statistics, charts and graphs. It is designed in a way so that you can identify a problem and thereby, find a proper interpretation of the same problem. The first step of problem solving.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Communication is important and verbal reasoning comes are a trainer for it. It presents passages of text and written information which you have to interpret correctly and come up with a suitable answer. Communication is not only about confidence, but also about lowering miscommunication. Verbal reasoning makes sure you understand and communicate problems clearly without creating miscommunication.
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning: Again, you are provided with patterns, data and problems to solve. Identify the patterns or any other problem and find the best solution to the given problem. Use your creativity to find a logic behind patterns.
  • Logical Reasoning: Moving from numbers, we come to an entirely creative field. You are provided with some basic information. Using both logic and the creative part of your brain, you have to arrive at a solution to the problem. Engage your creative senses to find logic behind the questions.
  • Inductive Reasoning: Are unfamiliar information somehow connected? That’s what you will be finding out with inductive reasoning. You will be asked to solve problems based on given unfamiliar information. Now, use your creative force to decipher the problems and come up with a solid solution.

Plus, these tests are conducted both written and verbally, making it a great exercise for communication.

So, aptitude tests are the innovator’s whetstone. It is an all-round exercise of your logic, creativity and problem-solving genes. If you are looking for a dream job where you can bring your innovative skills to the table, then it’s time to work on those aptitude skills. Hone the innovator within you so that no interviewer can drop you. And if you’re struggling to do that, don’t hesitate from visiting us!