Internship Talk with Gaurav Sachdeva

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His amazing experience and what he loved!

I learnt a lot from both of the courses. The teachers were excellent and covered every important bit. Ankush Sir really focus that students do the assignments as without practising the questions there is not much effect of course. He shared really significant problems, experiences, and career advice. My second course was with Tushar Sir, he’s a great developer. He took like 30+ classes to ensure that all the topics get covered. He shared with us unique startup ideas, new technology developments, etc. I really liked the part how he emphasised on the project development with the course as that really helped me in practice. And I got a lot of projects to show.

Interview experience

It consisted of 2 rounds where they asked about Graphs, Dynamic programming, product design and projects.

Advice to Current Students!

If you’re doing a Data Structure course, then do assignments timely and after the course don’t leave programming as this course is just an introduction. Keep practising otherwise, you’ll forget the tricks and techniques.

If you’re doing the Web development course then, give your 200% to the project assignment provided after each phase. 100% to the original project goals and 100% to the innovation and new implementations. Development is considered as just copy/pasting today by many, but it’s more than that. One needs to copy/paste smartly and connecting the dots (MVC), understanding of architecture is essential and useful for the long run.

If you belong to colleges such as GGSIPU or other Tier- 3 or lower colleges, then utilise your 1st and 2nd year by learning Data Structures, solve interviewBit, Cracking the Coding Interview(CITC), etc

Why all this because colleges like DTU, NSIT, NIT, etc. have /great/ programming culture where they focus on DS, Algo, problem-solving till their 2nd year and then take on development. So, if one dedicates so much of their time on DS, Algo, then they can surely crack big companies as you would be dedicating your time rightly. Also, DTU, NSIT colleges have the benefit of college name and so big companies visiting their campus for intern/jobs. But, low-tier college students can get excellent interns if they have a firm grasp over DS/Algo. Utilise your alumni connections, and a well-written email to software engineers can also get you referrals. (Assuming HR get lots of resume forward, contacting engineers can be helpful)

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

You want to learn something, it’s there on the internet, but the question is if you can learn it yourself or not. Give self-study a try and if you fail, then look forward to Coding Ninjas as their faculty is one of the best and you’ll enjoy learning with them.

What was the best part about this placement process?

I didn’t have to bother about anything as Coding Ninjas handled communication with HR and informed me beforehand. Also, they kept my time convenience into consideration.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

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