Ninja Prep: A test series to prepare you for interviews

Ninja Prep: A test series to prepare you for interviews
Ninja Prep: A test series to prepare you for interviews

Cracking product-based and service-based technical interview rounds can be simplified if you undertake our Ninja Prep test series. With a powerful combination of Aptitude Questions, MCQs and Coding Questions, you can get equipped to crack the interviews.


The summer is here — it’s time to build the skills required to convert your dream interview. You are through with your semester exams, and while you may see your peers chilling, you, ideally, don’t want to do that. You have hustled hard throughout your college — now is the time to really pull up your socks.

As you might know, the interview process of any IT (or otherwise) company focuses mainly on two areas:

  • Aptitude/Reasoning
  • Technical expertise

We understand it might get difficult to deal with all that at once, along with your daily college routine. So, Coding Ninjas has come up with a solution. Our Ninja Prep series is designed to cater to the needs of each and every one of you — whether you need work to improve your technical skills to glide through the Personal Interviews, or whether aptitude is a tough nut for you to crack.

The pattern that has been designed for you is simple and special — it is based on the test the companies conduct. Here is the pattern that Ninja Prep follows:

Logical Reasoning: Logic is the first thing that will be tested when you enter the interview room. Why is logic so important? Well, think about it from the point of view of a leader. Would you like anyone in your team who is not logical enough to develop solutions to difficult questions? No, right?

That’s why you need to get your logical reasoning side active and running. Engage yourself with numbers, inductive reasoning and diagrammatic reasoning. Find patterns among unfamiliar items. Logical reasoning makes use of both your creative side and your mental acumen. Try solving 10 questions within 10 minutes and give your logical side a real boost.

Quantitative Aptitude: Computer programming is useless without maths. Quantitative aptitude is the best way to test your mathematical reasoning. Yes, you will be dealing with numbers. But you have got this in the bag! Just make use of your logic, apply the mathematical principles and arrive at a suitable conclusion.

You have got this. Practice makes one perfect in mathematics. Sweep through time, speed and distance, trigonometry and logarithms. To be a true master of mathematics, do 10 questions within 20 minutes.

Programming Logic / Computer Fundamentals: Get those books out and start reading the fundamentals of programming. From arrays to object-oriented programming, from binaries to stacks and queues — brush up your computer basics.

An interviewer needs to know that you have your foundation correct so that when everything is stripped down to the bare minimum, you have the ability to build things up from scratch. Never leave out the basics — they are core to any learning process. Take 15 minutes to get the ten questions done.

Coding Questions: And finally, we arrive in the realm of programming. From Python to C++ to JAVA, which one do you specialise in? Connect with your inner coder — all the aforementioned tests come down to this final one.

You need maths and logic to find the best solution and you need to go back to the basics at times to write the correct code. Be a master coder — practise coding as much as you can. Ensure that you can get these two coding questions done within 45 minutes.

So, pull your socks up and start studying. Evaluate yourself — check if you have got all of it right.

We have our test series up and running — it’s for you to come and prove your mettle. Are you ready? Visit us at, or know more about the test series at Ninja Prep.

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