Semester breaks: The best time to learn

So, it’s May end — the semester breaks are here. What are your plans during this break? We understand your need to rest — it’s a well-deserved break after all. But don’t you think it will be just lovely if you could just make a little bit of time to brush up on some of your computing skills? It wouldn’t take too long but it will give you an immense boost in your career. The current world is not hungry for degrees — it is looking for skills. The best skill gets the best job. So, why not get your skills honed with a tinge of programming and practice. First up, decide which skill do you want to work on. There are so many from Python to the basic C++ and on to advanced machine learning. Let’s find out what each holds for you:

Python: A favourite among Quora, Dropbox and YouTube, Python is a high-level language which is all about dealing with multiple programming paradigms, object-oriented and functional programming and procedural programming. Brush up your Python to get into more advanced topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

C++: This popular Object-Oriented Program is all about loops, logic building, recursions and trees. The mid-level language is a foundation of many advanced languages — but don’t go by its date of origin. Stroustrup’s creation continues to be used in many games and computer programs even after more than 30 years.

Java: Do you want to make your own software? Then Java is the first thing you should start with. Solving problems like Pseudocodes and flowcharts, as well as entering into the realm of Games and UI Building, Java is all about opening up your mind to a whole new world of software development.

Imagine you are in front of the interviewer and he/she is lashing out with difficult questions. How would you deal with them smoothly? It’s easy if you just make some efforts to practice on Interview Preparation Course. Covering all the main topics like Database, OOP Concepts, and Data structure, the Interview Preparation Course is designed to land you any job in a jiffy. Time to show your technical skills to the interviewer.

As mentioned earlier, jobs are no longer looking for just degrees — they are looking for skills. Aptitude. You might be presented with a test to show your skill. What will be your forte? That’s why you should give aptitude a chance through the Aptitude Preparation Course. Logical reasoning, Verbal ability, Data interpretation and Quantitative aptitude — see where your skills lie? Which topic is your weakness? Time to become an all-rounder in the aptitude department.

Are you ready for more? Maybe something a bit advanced that will really exercise your brain. Why not go for the advanced courses?

Data Science: Computers all over the world is receiving thousands of data. How can you extract meaning from them? Well, a combination of skills with Python, Machine Learning, Data Analysis and Data Cleaning is all you require. Data Science tackles each aspect of this and more — it will help you interpret the data and develop strategies around them.

Full Stack Web Development with Node.js: Well, enough of being a programmer — how would you like to go up a level — becoming a developer. Web development is all about developing web apps — writing for your clients and developing apps as per their requests. Web Development is all about creating your own Google — maybe you can have your own name under it!

Machine Learning Course: With the advances in computer technology, machines are growing intelligent. Now, we can enable the machine to interpret data and learn from it — thereby, bringing a transformation in the user experience. So, if you are already aware of the few trends in machine learning, why not engage in a more in-depth study of Supervised, Unsupervised and the latest Deep Learning. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The course might be tedious but it’s rewarding in the end.

And finally, no one can be better evaluated unless there is a competition. The Competitive Programming Course is designed for challenging different computational problems while using programming languages and domain-specific techniques. Even Live questions will be asked — so, keep your competitive spirits high.

Let’s make the semester end fruitful. After all, the future has no ‘waiting’ period, neither does it take breaks. It just hurtles towards us. It depends on us if we can beat its speed and take a step ahead.

With the right decisions, we can.

And if you need someone to help you guide along the right path that you’ve chosen — we’ve got your back! At Coding Ninjas, we offer courses on areas that will help you stand out amongst your peers. Whether you’re into making the machines learn, or you wish to hone your competitive programming skills for the next coding battle, or even if you’re looking to get your dream job — we’ll stay by your side through it all.