Strengthen your reasoning and your programming!

It is said that language came from human needs. We needed to communicate properly and the reasonable way to go about it was to create language. And once we created language, we ended up creating more of it. French, English, Hindi and more, there are so many different languages in the world. With programming language, the same thing applies. Logic and reasoning come first and from there, stems out different programming languages. To be a great developer, you have to be logical and you have to find out a reasonable way to use the correct programming language for a suitable job. Especially, if you are a front-end developer.

Why is it necessary for you to develop your reasoning? Well, it’s simple, actually. Think about it from the perspective of language, problem-solving and choice.

1. Problem Solving

As a programmer, you are there to solve different problems. What you need to do is find the right way to process a huge problem and make it smaller — easier. And here is where your reasoning comes in. How do you develop the pseudocode? Which language could deal with the problem better? If your reasoning is strong, you would know the right path.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

It is an age-old adage that never really grows old. Practice — there is no other alternative to it. In front of you lies an algorithm. Currently, your mind is floating with codes. Which one do you use? Remember what an algorithm actually is. It is nothing but a finite set of operations done to find a proper solution to a problem. Choose simple problems, gain your strength in that. Now, go for the bigger ones and try your reasoning there. Fail, try again. Never lose out on practice — your ultimate whetstone.

3. Learning More

There is no alternative to learning and learning more. You probably know about algorithms and data structures. But do you know all of it? If you are provided with a laptop and you are given a difficult problem, would you be able to use different programming languages to solve that? Chances are, you will be trembling in your seat. It’s understandable. Why not brush things up a little? You have to learn more about structures. Structures help us to develop a plan. It’s much like how reasoning works. Induction — deduction — argumentation — that’s the structure of reasoning. Focus on structures and the algorithms and you can find the solution to the problem in various ways. Have you played chess? Well — try it again, and this time, keep your logical side open. Derive the structures in the game.

4. Programming Paradigms

There are certain rules on which programming languages work. You know most of them but it wouldn’t harm you to go over them, again. Probably, one of the most common ones is the Object-Oriented Paradigm. It will let the programmers define the data type of a specific data structure as well as the functions of it. A paradigm is like a blueprint — it is a way to understand and create our own projects. There is also Functional programming that will help you learn how to develop programs and solve problems in different ways. One thing is for sure — you need to learn those paradigms to be successful in them.

5. Learning From Others

Reasoning and logic is activated when you are engaged with others. As humans, we are always learning new things — from experiences and from people. There are so many ways in which a problem can be solved. Programmers are unique — they have their own ways to solve a problem. So, check their programs and find out how they have solved a problem. Think and get a sneak peak in their minds. Strengthen your own reasoning by learning from their work. That’s the only way you can grow.

You have to think rather than learn a particular code. After all, when you are in programming, you are not just dealing with computer science. You are engaged with topics like machine learning, natural learning processing and Artificial intelligence. These are in the purview of psychology, biology and philosophy. The machine in thinking and learning. Isn’t it time for you to do the same? Strengthen your reasoning and become a master of programming.

So, to get started, if you’d like to strengthen your reasoning skills so that you can ace coding, don’t forget to check out our courses! The teaching pedagogy at our institute is such that our focus is on strengthening logical and reasoning skills. Because we feel that no matter what language, if your reasoning is perfect, there’s no problem too tough for you to solve!