How far can Node.js go?

How-far-can-Node.js -go?The confined answer of what Node.js is? can go like the developer of Node.js took Javascript and allowed it to run on your computer rather than just the browser. Javascript can only access your webpage. With the ability to use your computer as a body, Node.js can do all sorts of great stuff which Javascript limits us to do. You have access to the files on your computer, can listen to the network traffic, access database directly, and also listen to the https requests and send back a file.

How far can Node.js go?

This question doesn’t only talk about Node.js but also puts the limitations of javascript in the highlight. Here are a few examples of Javascript position:

-Windows and OS X Desktop Applications: Companies like Microsoft and Slack have used Node.js tool to develop its initial applications.

-Android and iPhone Application: Facebook’s significant portion is using React Native for good experiences, and additionally, other companies like Vogue, Walmart and CBS Sports will be using it in the foreseeable future.

-ROBOTS: Javascript is used to make fully functioning robots. Everything can take place on single boarded computers like Nodebots or Raspberry Pi etc.

-Internet of things (iOT): With the help of a library named Johnny-Five, javascript is finding its way to create iOT devices with better quality. Companies like McLaren, Qualcomm, NodeSummit and FitBit are also talking about the use of Javascript.

Experienced Developers are creating large scale applications are aware of the fact that performance and scalability matter the most. Scaling out is a better option than scaling up. It means, instead of adding a big machine and compromising the quality of the product, you can always add more machines. It is still essential to get the best out of a tool and serve as many clients as possible.

Talking about Node.js

With the quality of being an event-driven non-blocking model, now the developers can create applications or design a model in real-time. The property that you can make changes to the program or inspect the model without even restarting it makes it a perfect fit for developing. Many companies prefer to use Node.js for its two-way connections and push technology.

#PayPal: Talking about dealing worldwide, one of the best applications created on Node.js is PayPal. You can see it in almost every application, and it works seamlessly. There are over 200 million users of PayPal in the whole world.

Initially, dispersed teams were handling the tasks individually for the server applications and the browser which made it difficult. It allowed the developers to use one language-Javascript for all purposes.

#Netflix: Being the largest portal to stream videos, Netflix has to go with Node.js for its seamless service. This is the most known examples of Node.js to the generation. Netflix wanted the user to have the power to customize videos or show as per their choices. Node.js makes it possible for the app to enable user customization

#Uber: The cost to make an app like Uber is also affected by the fact that it runs on Node.js. The company has doubled its size in the past 6 months. That’s why Uber is one of the best examples of winning Node.js language.

Wrapping up…

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