Placement Cell: A right push for your career


The challenge of choosing the first job to kick-start your career is daunting. If you aren’t on the right path, you can waste a lot of time searching for jobs that are really not suitable for you. A good proportion of your productive years might be consumed, in such a scenario, till you’re eventually able to find your fit.

That’s precisely where good guidance comes in. To all the tech students out there, looking for opportunities to work in their dream companies, we got your back. Our mentorship coupled with the extensive reach of our placement unit can help you reach your goal.

For the initial stage of getting your placement done through our placement cell, we at Coding Ninjas provide you with career tracks. Visit our website and decide for yourselves. Here is a general brief of what we offer as a tech education provider.

Ninja Competitive Programmer Track: This is a persuasive course which will challenge you to solve problems computationally with fundamental algorithms. It will also cover domain-specific techniques. This specialization track will familiarize you with the concepts of data structures, and even advanced algorithms that are necessary for you to ace as a competitive programmer.

Ninja Data Scientist Career Track: A Data Scientist is a combination of machine learning and statistical techniques with a dash of Python programming to analyze and evaluate critical data. Looking at the growth Data Science as a career option has seen over the years, this career track is perfect for those looking to bank on their knowledge of Math, Computers, and combine it with a job in an ever-growing industry.

Ninja Web Developer Career Track: Our goal is to turn you into professionals. With this track you will have a clear picture of how to use popular languages with proper coding logic and comprehensive frameworks like node.js. This course is designed to cater to both your front-end as well as back-end needs. Emerging as a full-stack developer, you’ll be ready to shine in your career after this course!

Ninja Machine Learning Career Track: You have to ace your basic concepts and the advancements that have been going on in the field of Machine Learning. We are here to provide you with an experience filled with expertise and concepts that will help you with solving the most complicated problems.

Coming back to the subject matter, we provide our students with perfect opportunities by offering them full-time jobs and internships. The placements are the consequences of thorough study materials and career mentors that we provide to our students.

Students are continuously guided towards their career goals and aspirations, which makes it possible for the potential companies to hire an appropriate candidate. Students who have acquired 60% or more can avail the services of an in-house profile which will include the student’s education, work experience, achievements and all the projects they have worked on till now.

Hiring Partners: We have partnered with 65+ hiring partners, including some top-notch companies like, Zomato, Grant Thronton, Amazon, Walmart, Edelweiss, Shuttl, Cars24 etc.

Package offers: For a full-time job, the initial CTC offered till now is 4 lacs per annum, and the highest CTC would be 20 lacs per annum. The average package of an intern is 2 to 2.5 lacs per annum.


The courses we offer at Coding Ninjas can make you a potential candidate for your dream job. As the interviewer is more concerned about the skills of the developer instead of college or university they got their degrees from. Our placement cell can make you reach your aims by giving you the right push for your career.

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