5 Best Machine Learning projects

The heap of data that is created each day by every single person is only going to increase with time. This is precisely what facilitates the need for being equipped with Machine Learning and its best practices. Machine learning is the process where a gadget can improve itself from previous experiences just like a human being. Seemingly, indulging into Machine learning projects can be the best management of your time.

Practice on real machine learning projects always beats theory. While you explore your hands-on an interesting project, your Machine Learning skills will eventually level-up.

Putting the projects in your portfolio not only enhances it but it can even land your dream job. We are mentioning some of the interesting projects below on which you can work on these summers. And, if you find something interesting enough, working longer on them will make you a pro.

1. Machine Learning Gladiator: This is one of the most efficient ways to understand how Machine Learning works. The purpose is to implement the out of the box models into separate datasets. This particular project is beneficial for a few reasons:

First one of them would be, you get an idea of the model. You can find many solutions by digging deep in the textbooks but there are some queries which can only be resolved by performing practically. For instance, Which models are the best fit for categorical features? Which models are more likely to miss data?

Secondly, working on projects often prepare you with the skills of creating models at a faster pace. Based on textbook knowledge the process can be time-consuming.

Finally, building your own projects can help you master the flow. Suppose you have a lot on your plate like importing data, cleaning data, pre-processing, transformations and so on. But you have already honed the skill of building out-of-the-box datasets which will help you in further critical projects.

2. Predict House Prices: As the name suggests, this project will include models which will predict estate prices for buyers and sellers. The location and square footage are merely an aspect of the house. The price will include every logical feature and variable available.

Predictions will be made by evaluating the realistic data and accurate measures. This process includes:

– Analyzing the sales price (variables)

-Multivariable analysis

-Predictions & Modeling

-Impute Missing data

3. Twitter Sentiment Analysis: Sentiment Analysis widely means text mining. Using an advanced technique to analyze the sentiment of a sentence is known as Twitter Sentiment Analysis. To parse if the sentiment of the text is positive, negative or neutral with the help of data mining. We all have the idea that there is a massive amount of data out there. Exploring this project can also help you get an opinion of the masses in all sorts of tweets. Be it political, business strategy and public actions.

4. Teach a Neural network to Read Handwriting: Neural Networks is one of the greatest achievements in Machine Learning. The significant models developed include face recognition, automated cars, automatic text creation.

Apparently, Handwriting recognition can be critical for you. The best thing is, it doesn’t require any high computational power. Mastering this project will prepare you for further challenges.

5. Image Caption Generator: Generating a caption from a visual can be a challenge for Machine Learning beginners. It requires the computer to do both jobs which are creating a vision to understand the concept of the image and prepare a model to recite the language properly to frame an appropriate caption by order. There are methods introduced in deep learning through which you can create a model to describe the content of a given visual. This can be done without a properly designed model with sophisticated data.

These are some of the fun projects which you can work on these summers. Practice will make you smart enough to develop your own unique model someday. For further queries reach out to us and you can always discover more about Machine Learning