Improve your productivity with these tools

We currently live in a world where productivity has never been so important before. Evidently, working on code and practising programming can make you better, but if we consider the competition and accelerated growth of this industry, then there have to be some other ways. Smart work and efficiency here are even more valuable than your intelligence.

To be able to focus while coding every programmer needs a set of tools. These tools usually help the programmer by taking care of other trivial things and lets him converge on what matters the most. The developers’ life can get a lot easier by using these tools. Besides, there are some advanced ones too which can help you maintain your productivity level and can also evaluate your coding skills from time to time.

Here is a list of significant tools that can help you be on top of your programming skills:


Evernote is precisely what the name suggests, a notepad. An essential and useful notebook for programmers which lets them record whatsoever information they would like to collect.

In this ever-growing industry, there is a colossal amount of information that comes out daily. And for a developer, it is remotely possible to memorize it all or even write it down somewhere. For this particular task, Evernote not only helps you store information but is also accessible from all the devices with the help of sync feature.


TeaCode is that tool which can help you finish code much faster. All you have to do is insert the pattern(recipe) and let TeaCodes’ shortcut do its job. It will complete the code quicker and that too in any language. You can also get about around 80+ ready to use patterns including HTML, C++, Swift, and PHP. There are also a few samples mentioned to let you understand how TeaCode works.


Now Habitica is an excellent tool used by programmers. You can find apps in which you can create a To-do list and track all the tasks you are doing. But, Habitica works on another level.

It plays with you like a real life game keeping you healthy and happy. As you complete a task or make progress in your daily to-do list, it treats you with rewards.

As soon as you enter the application, you have to follow specific tasks to register.

Set up to-dos: Enter the list of tasks that you have to complete with due dates and references.

Daily tasks: Here you have to mention if there is a task you have to perform daily or on a particular day of the week, month or even a year in your dailies column.

Habits: Here you can make a list of habits that you want to take on and also the bad ones that you want to change. Every lousy habit will affect your characters’ health.

Habitica can dramatically improve your lifestyle and your efficiency in completing tasks.


Now GitHub is one of the most popular platforms built for the programmers for coding. You can create software with GitHub, manage codes, review and host projects. It makes developers life much easier by handling all the chaos and help you code better. On GitHub, you can also work in teams which lets you get through problems much faster and get a better idea of programming.


Everyone is aware of the fact that listening to music while working can help you focus. But the thing to note here is what type of music should you hear.

musicForProgramming is a fantastic source to increase your productivity. As you can always link your work with the website. The interface will mimic your code and will offer you the kind of music which will increase particularly your productivity. Sounds impossible..right? Well, it’s not. Go check out the website for yourselves.

While focusing on the fact that instrumental music can help increase your productivity, musicForProgramming vastly offers you relevant stuff.

Code Climate

It is another tool to evaluate all the programming you have done until now. It helps you create better software with its automated code process insights for GitHub enterprise. While keeping a check on your development cycle Code Climate enables you to maximize your output and remove all the hindrances you have been facing. The quality, duplication, security, style, complexity, and more, you can get an automated code review of any of the points mentioned earlier.

To conclude here is a food for thought, it doesn’t matter if you are good at programming or you have a lot of knowledge in languages until you are aware of the specific tools to increase your productivity. We are mentioning this only because there will always be someone who will code more efficiently. So, we hope that these tools can help you increase your efficiency in one way or another. And further, if want to learn to code, come straight up to our website and enter the beautiful world of programming with our interactive courses.

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