Placement talk with Anubhav Malik!

A place that gave me the right direction in my career!

 Anubhav Malik

His amazing experience and what he loved!

My experience with Coding Ninjas has been life-changing. I got the direction I needed from Coding Ninjas, and it has helped me come across a long way since my course ended. Learning from very experienced faculty is one thing, but even the TA support is fantastic.
The best part is if you join Coding Ninjas you just don’t stay a part of the learning process during the course but even after the course has ended the faculty is still willing to help you.

Interview experience

It consisted of 2 rounds where they asked about algorithms and Data Structures.

Advice to Current Students!

Don’t jump onto other technologies until you completely understand the one you started with. Hard work and consistency will help you go a long way.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Single decision to join Coding Ninjas and the ability to work has changed my life, it can change yours too.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!