Mistakes to avoid as a fullstack developer!

Making mistakes is a part of life. But being a developer and then making common mistakes can affect your career in the long run. Eleanor Roosevelt, being the extraordinary lady she was, once said “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” Similarly taking notes from others and avoiding the common mistakes at the beginning of your career can save a lot of your time and efforts. So, here is a list of the frequently made errors to give you an idea of the potential problems you might confront.

1. Improper naming conventions: This industry is becoming way more competitive than ever. We have thousands of resources and tools which are smart enough to catch mistakes and fix them. But when we try to catch up with speed, we usually develop the attitude to name the variables precisely like a, b, z, etc. Here is the point where the coding lacks readability. Even if we mention a comment below, that might not make any sense to multiple people who will be working on it later. Accordingly, it’s essential to use meaningful variable names, classes or ids so that you don’t have to put an extra effort into explaining the code.

2. Long lines of code: Try and keep the methods of your coding as short as you can. Long lines of code are not just hard to read but also going through all of it can make any person misinterpret the code. It’s much easier to write as well as test small units of code than the lengthy ones. Further, when your code gets passed on to someone else, they’ll know precisely what the method does. break down multiple operations into simple, smaller operations — this will massively enhance the readability of your code.

3. Responsive web design: Getting access to online content has become so comfortable in the past few years with the evaluation of smartphones in various resolutions. This also raises the issue for web developers to create seamless navigation to web content from all types of devices. There are numerous tools and applications to create a responsive web layout. Every language has its tips and tricks, but if you want to use an independent platform, then Bootstrap(getbootstrap.com) is one of the best frameworks to work with. While working with Bootstrap patterns and practices, you will get a responsive web design without going through any trouble. Materialize(materializecss.com) is another frontend framework similar to bootstrap which can be used for making responsive designs.

4. Be familiar with the new updates: Being a developer always needs you to have the right eye for what is trending in the industry and what are the changes we should adapt for good. Still, go for the solution which you think can work better in the future by evaluating the current enhancements. You have to understand the required changes and work according to the traffic and competition in the industry. Remember the stakes are always high in software development and there is always a chance of improvement.

5. Using outdated practices: In this ever-growing industry, there is always a chance of cyber attack. The more you get into it, the more loopholes you might find. You have to be warier of dealing with this particular issue as it may affect your whole organization in many ways and also making the revenue go down. It’s one of your primary responsibilities to do a fantastic job in programming so that you don’t have to deal with any negative case scenarios. And, that will make you stand out of the crowd of hundreds of programmers out there.

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid, you’re on your way to getting started in the right direction. come straight to coding ninjas where our exhaustive courses on full-stack development will ensure you’re always a step ahead!

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