Trends in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


The last couple of years have seen historic improvements in Machine Learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies, and all the others under their umbrella, have evolved from being an unpopular niche to becoming mainstream, and these impacting millions of lives today. Countries and firms are now having budget dedicated to AI and ML for growth and betterment.

This has led to the growth of a lot of trends which were unimaginable before, let’s say, 3–4 years. Let’s see what those trends are:

1. Increase in the number of data science jobs

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence related jobs are hot in demand today. These tops the job chart with a definite gap in supply and demand of resources. There is an immense gap in the required skill and the skill that people possess. Artificial intelligence trend will complete change the face of the education sector of India, with more educators turning towards Machine Learning, AI, and related courses to bridge the skill gap.

2. Better approaches to cybersecurity

One think that’s grown along with the rapid growth of data are the progressive hacking techniques. With multiple devices connected to each other via the internet, the systems are becoming more vulnerable than ever. Machine Learning in cybersecurity is a two way street. If deployed by cybersecurity firms, it can increase the levels of security beyond repair. With Machine Learning being an accessible technology, more number of firms are incorporating Machine Learning techniques in their operations and bringing all the more secure systems.

3. Robotic process automation

With intelligent drones and robots dominating the technological revolution space, the human adaptability to Machine Learning is relying a lot on robotic process automation. The benefits of these processes have been felt in everything from finance, health, banking, to even manufacturing — with robots making all the tasks easier. The concern that robots will completely take over human jobs is not entirely baseless but is being proved to be wrong as robots are turning out to be the best counterpart to a human worker — by helping them ease their work.

4. Seamless IT operations

The amount of data being generated through hardware components, software components, server applications, operating systems, and more is nothing less than huge. ML captures this data, cleanes it, and generates intelligent insights that helps businesses grow and become more proactive. Models built on ML and related technologies operate on this data and assist IT operations teams to help solve crucial issues.

5. Transparent decision making

The impact of these machine learning based models and systems in industries such as retail, healthcare, logistics, medicine, and more, has been rapidly felt. The predictive models presented by these algorithms help organizations make transparent decisions — by knowing exact data points. Machine learning through predictive models brings transparency in decision-making in the multitude of domains. Machine learning is an effective tool in transparent decision-making where laws and regulations (for example in HR operations treating job applications equally without consideration of age, gender, religion, caste, creed, color, etc.) come into the picture.

To conclude, 2019 holds a promising opportunity for innovations, especially in the field of AI and ML. These developments will witness faster algorithms and models. And this will undoubtedly open up new avenues for Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things, and self-learning AI. If any of this interests you and you wish to build a solid career in the same, it’s the correct time to jump the gun. Come right in at Coding Ninjas where we offer you a comprehensive course on Machine Learning that’ll help you understand the nitty-grittys of all the latest breakthroughs and trends in ML and AI, and even be a solid foundation for your career!

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