Internship talk with Vinayak Kumar

Learn from Vinayak Kumar about his experience and what he loved!

Coding Ninjas helped me explore various opportunities when I was in doubt during my 4th semester. From there on the experience just got better and better. I joined Ankush Sir’s C++ batch in Jan 2017, and I can say that it was one of the best decisions that I took in my college life. Not only, Sir helped me with DS and Algo but also he was always there to help and guide me whenever I needed it. To conclude he is the best mentor I’ve come across my life. So then I moved on to Web Dev Course and Competitive Programming course which helped me sharpen my skills and eventually lead me to an offer from Amazon.

Interview experience

It consisted of 1 online round(aptitude, reasoning, debugging and coding)  and 2 Interview rounds. The questions that were asked during different rounds are; Basic Algo + DS for the online round, for interviews: Graphs, BST, LinkedList, Queue, Time Complexity Analysis.

Advice to Current Students!

Firstly, Always tell the interviewer what is going through in your mind before straight away writing the code solution.  Secondly, Have a 2-way conversation with Interviewer don’t just keep saying yes and OK, instead ask and tell. Lastly, It’s not about the right or wrong solution, it’s about the approach to the solution. Also, keep on practising, and your hard work will always be rewarded. You just have to be patient and confident.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

When in doubt about your Coding skills then Coding Ninjas is the place where you can prep yourself with skills required in industry and to crack your dream company. Go ahead with Coding Ninjas without wasting any more time.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!