Top programming experts to follow in 2019

Hear, hear, all you programmers and coders out there! 2019 is here already, but have you thought about your new year resolution yet? Learn about the programming experts to build your career in programming.

Well, let us help you with it. This year, your new year resolution should be to hone your coding and programming skills by taking cues from some of the best in the field! We’re talking about some inspiration guys — connecting with the bigger programming community and learning from the pros.

Here are some of the most influential programming experts whom you should follow in 2019!

1. Jeff Atwood (@codinghorror)

Jeff Atwood, the co-founder of StackOverflow and, is famous for his blog Coding Horror. According to his Twitter bio, he’s an “abyss domain expert” who has no idea what he’s talking about. Despite that, the man has around 250k followers on Twitter and they definitely can vouch for his sanity.

2. John Resig (@jeresig)

John Resig is the creator of jQuery and a renowned JavaScript expert. Till date, he has presented more than 125 talks on JavaScript. Currently, he features as a programmer at Khan Academy.

3. Bryan O’Sullivan (@bos31337)

Bryan O’Sullivan works as an Engineering Director at Facebook. Apart from this, he’s also a successful author who has written Real World Haskell. He has also co-authored Mercurial: The Definitive Guide and The Jini Specification. More so, he also lectures at the Stanford University.

4. Rasmus Lerdorf (@rasmus)

Rasmus Lerdorf is the proud creator of PHP programming language. While he developed the first two versions of the language, he made it a point to remain actively involved with other developers in the development of the later versions as well. He was the former Infrastructure Architect at Yahoo! where he worked for over 7 years before joining Etsy in 2012.

5. K. Scott Allen (@OdeToCode)

K. Scott Allen is an experienced software developer having more than 25 years of experience in commercial software development. He has developed web services for startups as well as Fortune 500 companies. He is also an author on Pluralsight and a host on Herding Code.

6. Daniel Ratcliffe (@dantwohundred)

Daniel Ratcliffe (not the actor, that’s Radcliffe!) is a gaming enthusiast and game developer. In his successful ten year career in the gaming industry, he has worked on a host of projects, from solo indie games to heavy AAA console games. Some of his most popular gaming projects are Elite Dangerous, Jurassic World Evolution, Redirection, and qCraft.

7. Tracy Chou (@triketora)

Tracy Chou is all things versatile. She’s a software engineer, an entrepreneur, an investor, and also a diversity advocate — all rolled in one! She has previously worked as a Tech Lead at Pinterest and a Technical Consultant to the U.S Digital Service.

8. Ashe Dryden (@ashedryden)

Like Tracy, Ashe Dryden is also many things rolled into one. She’s a programmer, an author, a diversity advocate, and a community organizer. For over 14 years, she’s been actively involved in web development. At present, she’s busy writing a book on increasing diversity within IT and Tech companies.

9. Amanda Rosseau (@malwareunicorn)

Amanda Rosseau is an Offensive Security Researcher at Facebook. Her areas of interest and expertise include security, malware, and reverse engineering. She has talked on numerous cyber security conferences around the world. So, if you’re interested in contributing to the field of cybersecurity, be sure to follow this smartie!

10. Lara Hogan (@lara_hogan)

Lara Hogan is the co-founder of Wherewithall. Presently, she’s an is an Engineering Leadership Coach. She has previously worked as the VP of Engineering at Kickstarter and also was the former Engineering Director at Etsy. Not just that, she has also authored books on design and public speaking.

There’s no more time for procrastination guys. Get your game face on and start following these uber cool pioneers of the programming world!

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