Career Opportunities after mastering Ruby on Rails


Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a technology which is fresh and gaining fair attention in the market. Ruby on Rails is predominantly a server-side web application framework written in Ruby. Rails offer a default arrangement for a database and web pages. Ruby on Rails is more celebrated these days than it was 5-6 years ago. So, techno-enthusiasts are quite interested and keen to absorb and master this web technology.  

Ruby on Rails was initially released in 2005 which inspired and influenced web application development through its groundbreaking and modern features related to the database.  Ruby on Rails has kits which reliefs the difficult web development tasks. One such feature is, ‘scaffolding’ that can spontaneously build various prototypes required to run an elementary website. Due to its out-of-the-box features, it is making its own unique path and gaining popularity among the developers.

Ruby on Rails has several tools which include less coding and more creativity. Developers will enjoy while experimenting with the tools which will give anchors to new ideas and enhance them. In this framework, there is an independence of using new layouts and therefore it increases the horizon of learning new things along with giving utmost satisfaction in the career.

There is a huge demand and competition in the market for developers who have fluency in trending programming languages. And surprisingly, the developers who have mastered the framework of Ruby on Rails get a bigger package than any other developer. So, it is a good career option for the people who are planning to jump into the application and development field. Ruby on Rails is gradually becoming one of the most popular web app frameworks. At this rate, the demand of RoR developers is going to increase indelibly. Many firms like Scribd, Twitter, EBay etc. have already made the most of this technology and are quite satisfied with the results. Similarly, smaller organizations are preparing to switch and join the RoR fan crowd.

It literally pays to know Ruby on Rails. This can be justified very well because according to Indeed, the average salary for RoR is higher than 86% of the average salaries of other companies. This is pretty impressive for a decade old technology. We can only imagine the number of career options it has opened up for the youth. Developers of RoR get paid more even for entrance level posts. This is also because of the fact that Ruby on Rails’ framework works on an open source dais, the companies don’t have to invest a lot in this technology.  

In a nutshell, there are several Ruby on Rails jobs for the youth who have mastered the art of this framework like, junior programmer, co-developer and high-level jobs such as, Project Lead, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Developer. The requirement for the Ruby on Rails developers has increased by several times in the former years. This skillset can prove to put an extra star on the developer’s resume. This is a type of technology in which the coders and developers can easily jump in without having the fear of growth and finances.

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