Music to get you in the programming groove


If there’s anything that coders around the world love to do (apart from coding of course!), it is listening to music and getting on the groove. While their brains are busy sketching lengthy and complex codes, music acts as a food for their soul. In fact, most coders would agree that music helps create a soothing environment which in turn boosts productivity. It’s fun too, isn’t it? Plugging in your headphones, cutting off from the world, and immersing yourself into the coding dimension?

So, without further ado, let’s check out the most popular and trending music numbers that’ll help get your creative juices flowing!

The Social Network Soundtrack

If you’ve witnessed the charm of this Academy Award-winning film, you probably know how awesome its musical score and soundtracks are! Needless to say, Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross did a wonderful job in creating the overall mood of tension and intensity with an amalgamation of electronics and bass. While all the soundtracks from the movie are commendable, make sure you listen to Hand Covers Bruise first!

Tron: Legacy Soundtrack

The musical score of the Tron franchise (both the 1982 version and the 2010 version) is a huge hit among developers. While the original 1982 classic featured an 80s rock vibe with a strong synthpop style, Tron: Legacy features some really slick music by Daft Punk. The way Daft Punk used orchestral elements with electronic pop and digital sounds, it’s just mindblowing!

Hackers Soundtrack

Another movie that made to the list is Hackers. The 1995 movie features some very interesting and unique electronic numbers by bands like The Prodigy and Leftfield. The moment you plug in your headphones and play these electronic beats, you’ll realize how your work pace is also gaining an upbeat rhythm.

Now, moving on from films to some of the most loved bands, here are some of the gems that you must listen to!


Probably every developer knows the name of this massively popular English Rock band. In fact, today, it has almost gained a cult following among the developer community, and rightly so. Radiohead has given us a number of great songs such as Kid A, In Rainbows, Paranoid Android, Creep, High and Dry, Reckoner, There There, Let Down, Karma Police, to name a few.

God is an Astronaut

God is an Astronaut is an Irish post-rock band that features a unique mix of electronic music,  space rock, and krautrock. Some of the most popular soundtracks of the band include Forever Lost, Frozen Twilight, Ascend to Oblivion, All Is Violent All Is Bright, Fireflies and Empty Skies, Far From Refuge, Beyond the Dying Light, Coda, and much more.  

Boards of Canada

If you’re really into electronic music, Boards of Canada is the ideal match for you! Featuring the Scottish brother duo, Boards of Canada shot to fame with their debut album Music Has the Right to Children (1998). Their music includes sound elements like hip-hop breakbeats and vintage synthesizers. Some of their best songs are Dayvan Cowboy, Aquarius, Dawn Chorus, Turquoise Hexagon Sun, Peacock Tail, Everything You Do Is A Balloon, Chromakey Dreamcoat, and Music Is Math.


Robert Card, a.k.a. Blackmill is a famous dubstep producer hailing from the UK. His music is more of a musical dubstep which is sure to capture your attention if you are a fan of the dubstep genre. Let It Be, Spirit of Life, Miracle, Evil Beauty, Lucid Truth, Fortune Soul, Rain, The Drift, and Sarajevo are a few popular hits by Blackmill.


Nujabes music, the brainchild of Jun Seba, is a mix of hip-hop and jazz. The instrumental beats and the blend of jazz with hip-hop will surely transport you to another dimension. The music is best known for creating a nostalgic and atmospheric mood. Here are some of the best songs by Nujabes – Gone Are The Days, F.I.L.O., Flowers, City Lights, Eclipse, Lady Brown, Imaginary Folklore, and World End Rhapsody.

So, are you ready to get rocking at work while listening to these sick beats?

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