Why coding contests are important?


Granted that programming is fun, but do you know what’s even more fun and exciting?
Coding contests and Competitive Programming

Just like any other discipline, programming demands a lot of commitment and practice. But if you think that practicing programming in solitude will help you become a champion in the trade, you might not be completely correct! The best way to hone your coding skills is by exposing yourself to the larger community of programmers and fellow coders. Still didn’t get it? We’re talking about coding contests, folks!

The essence of coding contests and challenges boils down to one thing – you’ll be provided with a specific set of programming problems and you’ll be expected to solve them within the stipulated time. Your credibility as a good coder will be judged on many different criteria such as efficiency, innovative quotient, accuracy, and team spirit, among others. The benefits of participating in coding contests and challenges are manifold. And that’s precisely what we’re going to show you today!

Here are four reasons why coding contests are a great way to enhance your programming skills:

Helps you become more focused on your goal

When you take part in a coding contest, you know that you’re in for the win. You know that you have to solve numerous challenging coding problems within the time allotted to you. These thoughts help you keep your eye on the goal and allow you to stay focused on the task at hand. Losing focus for even the slightest second means you’re losing time, and that’s something you just can’t afford to do.

As you start to participate regularly in such contests, you’ll realize that not only is your concentration skill enhanced but you are also able to solve problems much faster than you could before.

Makes you a good team player

In coding contests, you’ll often be clubbed together with other coders in a team and hence, you’ll have to think and function like a team. Working with other coders will allow you to look at problems from various perspectives and not just from your viewpoint. You will learn about your strengths, weaknesses, and how to remain well-coordinated during stressful situations.

Being a team player is one among the many, many qualities that companies look for in potential candidates.

Provides you the much-needed exposure

One thing that most people aren’t aware of is that coding contests are the perfect hunting grounds for Tech companies. IT and Tech giants such as TCS, IBM, Google, Amazon, Facebook are known to keep an eye on coding challenges and competitions to search for top-notch potential candidates. Thus, when you participate in coding contests, you can be sure that someone somewhere is watching you. It is your chance to showcase your skills. Your performance matters, so, make it count!

Thoroughly prepares you for coding interviews

Coding contests are the stepping stones to preparing for coding interviews. Why? Because in both the scenarios you’ll be expected to possess an excellent grasp on Data Structure and Computer Science and also, you’ll have to write codes and solve coding problems. Although coding interviews take into consideration not only a candidate’s problem-solving skills, but also his/her soft skills (communication skill, team spirit, and so on), yet other things aside, participating in coding contests will ensure that your programming skills are top-notch. So, coding challenges are definitely a great start for you if you wish to crack coding interviews in the future.

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