A great Software Engineer or a good one


Programming is an art. Engineering is the art of understanding and assessing the issue at hand and designing and developing a solution that’s efficient, flexible, and scalable. And just as the art of two artists isn’t the same, so the style and approach of two programmers also vary greatly. There are good and bad programmers, and then there are great programmers. According to stats, the productivity of an excellent engineer is three times more than that of average or good engineer and ten times than that of a bad engineer! See the vast difference? So, what do you think set these masterminds apart from good and bad engineer?

It is their small and intangible traits that have helped them emerge as the best players in the game. Let’s look at the seven traits that distinguish a great programmer from a good programmer!

  1. Optimistic Attitude

The foremost trait that defines a great programmer is a positive outlook on life. These are the people who believe in themselves and their abilities to develop quality products for their clients. They care about the client and aren’t afraid to go that extra mile to ensure that the end product is unique and effective. Great programmers always strive to deliver on time and never puts his/her ego before the suggestions and demands of the client. They know how to put a positive turn on everything.

  1. Top-notch Time And Task Management Skills

Another quality that sets excellent programmers apart from the crowd is their sense of time and a strong work ethic. They understand the fact that time is of the essence and they must deliver the product to the client within the stipulated time which, in turn, helps them gain customer loyalty. This, they achieve by maintaining a well-planned work schedule and setting clear goals for a particular project. Due to their exceptional time and task management skills, great programmers are extremely reliable.

  1. Excellent Communication Skills

To be able to develop a cutting-edge product, a programmer must possess excellent communication skills. He/she must understand the specific requirements of the client and communicate their proposed solution across to them in a lucid and simple manner. Not just that, great programmers must also be able to answer any and every query of the client and explain to them the relevant concepts to maintain absolute transparency. And if you are multilingual, it’s a win-win!

  1. Quick To Learn

Most of the best programmers in the world are brilliant self-learners. They read a lot to continually keep themselves updated with the latest technological innovations. Learning about new things and concepts excites them. Due to this reason, they know how to remain calm even in the face of a serious issue or bug in code. They will try different methodologies and approaches until they finally reach the ideal solution. Persistence is the key here. This is precisely how great programmers learn – by taking on new challenges every day.

  1. Extensive Technical Experience

Being in the field for a long time and constantly experimenting with new technologies is what goes into the making of a great programmer. With every new technological tool and approach, the scope of expertise and knowledge base of a programmer both deepen and widen. An experienced developer comfortable in working with the latest work methodologies such as agile and also with task management software like instance, Toggl, Trello, Jira. This is what clients seek – a programmer with flexibility and a wide knowledge base.

  1. Team Player

Great programmers do not shy away from taking help of others. Also, when the situation demands, they can work well with others on their team. They know that sometimes they need to work in close collaboration with other developers and programmers to build a high-end product. If need be, these programmers are ever-ready to help their fellow mates, hence, their ‘greatness’.

Although these qualities may seem commonplace, they’re rare to find in real-world scenarios. Programmers with such a great sense of responsibility, work ethics, and flexibility are indeed difficult to find, but not impossible. The key is to train yourself to learn new things, follow a strict code of discipline and develop good time and task management skills.

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