Placement talk with Apoorva

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Apoorva Balyan

Her amazing experience and what she loved!

Before joining the interview preparation course, I was not very confident and always doubted my coding skills. But as I began to learn the concepts like recursion, pointers etc my basics became very strong. This course really helped me to strengthen my concepts and definitely played a big role in getting placed. A big thanks to the faculty members. Now, I don’t doubt my coding skills at all.


Interview experience

It consisted of Total – 6 rounds(1 online test,1 written test,2 tech interview,2 Hr interview in which the focus was on topics Data structures like Hashmap,Queue,Stacks,Linked List,Graph(How they work,Implementation,Complexities etc),DBMS and SQL queries,OOPS,Networking.

Advice to Current Students!

 I would suggest you understand how things work and practice. That’s the main key to crack any coding interview.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

 Coding Ninjas played a big role in my placement. If you want to really understand things from a basic level and want to excel in technical interviews, Coding Ninjas is the best option.

Thank you for constant support and guidance!