Placement talk with Vaibhav!

A place that brings you one step closer towards success!– Vaibhav

A place where you get valuable knowledge and skills!

I am extremely grateful to Coding Ninjas for providing me valuable knowledge and skills that helped me get through the placement season.

Vaibhav Yadav

His amazing experience and what Vaibhav loved!

I enrolled in the Inception 2017 batch under the guidance of Ankush Singla. He was amazing in guiding novices like me and inculcating interest in coding. The assignments were handed at the end of every class. Every topic was taught in detail from the absolute basics. The TA’s were helpful in clearing all the doubts in class itself. To sum it up it was an amazing experience at Coding Ninjas.

Interview experience

The process consisted of 2 preliminary rounds consisting of one aptitude and technical round and one coding round. There were 2 coding questions, one of them of the easy level and the other one was a bit tricky.

Technical Interview 1: Questions were asked about data structures and algorithms especially from linked lists and trees. There was some amount of discussion on the projects and internships mentioned in the Resume. In the end, 2 puzzles were asked of the easy level.
Technical Interview 2: Resume based questions, Knowledge of machine learning, neural networks, the blockchain, and other new technologies. An only basic understanding was required. Questions were also asked from Operating Systems, DBMS and Computer Networks. Finally, there was an HR interview round where general questions regarding life skills and personality were asked.

Advice to Current Students!

I would advise everyone to be thorough with all basic data structures and algorithms. It is beneficial from interview point of view to have done projects so try doing some good projects on your own. One should also practice competitive coding on various platforms such as Codechef, Codeforces, CodeZen etc.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

It is the must visit place for every novice in the field of programming.

Thank you for constant support and guidance!

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