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Tanya Singh

Her amazing experience and what she loved!

Coding Ninjas has been an amazing learning experience for me. It gave me the most appropriate kick-start to start coding. I feel lucky to be mentored by Ankush sir, as he made sure that each and every topic was covered in the class and even the tiniest doubt of a student doesn’t go unresolved. He makes sure that a student spends exactly the right amount of time with a question, not less not more. And since no class is complete without homework and assignments, he gave perfect questions to practice what was covered in the class.Expedia-Logo-EPS-vector-image

Interview experience

It consisted of 3 rounds in which topics like Arrays, Trees, Linked List, DBMS, OS, Networking were covered. The course content helped me a lot to clear those interview rounds. 

Advice to Current Students!

Try not to just reach the solution, but observe the concept that is being used in the question. And then note what all types of questions can be solved through this concept.

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The place which will the elevate the level of your skills, no matter how high it is!

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