In talk with Palak!

Be persistent at work because it will always pay off!

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The knight in shining armour

It’s true that even big companies like Microsoft offer internship for 3rd yr college students and its myth that it’s difficult to crack the interviews if you are well prepared. The question arises about how to be well prepared which happened with me too and this is where coding ninja came to my rescue.

Her amazing experience and what she loved!

I took the interview preparation course and it made a huge difference in my logic building ability. Believe me, it’s your logic and thinking capability that drives you in long run. Questions I faced during 5th round of the interview process were not all seen before and in such a situation your logic building ability only helps you and this is only something that coding ninjas courses offer. I thank the whole team who really worked hard to make me be successful in life.


“Effort is important but knowing where to make the effort makes all the difference.”

Interview experience

It consisted of 5 rounds. The first round was online test round having  3 coding ques based on the trees, linked list and hashmap followed by second round which was a group fly round out of which shortlisted students were allotted a mentor to solve 2 coding question on paper and then explain them to the mentor. Then came face to face round with the interviewer. They asked me question and codes on trees and also some puzzles were asked in this round and the 4th round was the technical round based on data structures algorithm. Finally came the 5th round, It was the toughest round taken by the head of the Microsoft interview team. It was based on data structures but the level of questions was really high. It required a good knowledge of advanced topics like graphs etc.

Advice to Current Students!

I would completely recommend you to focus on Data structures and Logics as a lot of questions are asked about that topics. And your logic will help you clear the tough technical rounds.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Being a campus ninja, I will introduce to them though workshops.

Thank you for constant support and guidance !