In talk with Yash!

Unfolding journey from electronic computer science!Yash_Kapoor_1

Life would have been different without your support

Being a non computer science student, my journey with coding ninjas was very smooth and is totally different all because of their support. They played a big role in my success.

His amazing experience and what he loved!

Coding ninjas lay a great foundation for any student. The way I used to solve problems before joining coding ninjas and after made a lot of difference.
Topics like Recursion , DP , Hashing etc which seemed to be tricky and difficult seems no more difficult after the in-depth knowledge and practice assignments provided by coding ninjas.Last but not the least I learned how to find a solution rather than knowing or mugging a solution from Ankush sir , he made problems look so easy.


Being an electronics engineer it was difficult to learn the concepts of computer science but coding ninjas made my life really easy and it’s all because of their¬† support that I could get such an amazing offers at one of the dream companies.

Interview experience

There were 5 rounds of interview including . The concepts covered in the interviews were Array , Hashmaps and it’s implementation, Recursion and backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Trees, graphs and more.

Advice to Current Students!

The interviewer only focus on how you reach a solution rather than how accurately you answer within seconds. Always try to write neat and clean code and always solve a question with pen and paper first. Stay calm and composed throughout the process and away from discussion with friends. ( Last but not the least never give up during the interview ask as many questions as possible if the question is not clear you might get some hint.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

A place which teaches you to find a solution rather than knowing a solution!

Thank you for constant support and guidance !