Programming Languages That Will Rule The World In 2018


The ever-changing arena of software development has given rise to numerous advanced programming languages that are encouraging smart programming with minimal bugs. Ever since the invention of the binary, programming languages have continued to evolve at a rapid pace, so much so that now we even have software that can interact with us just like another human being (Siri, Alexa)!

Over time, newer and better programming languages take over outdated programming languages, transforming the way we feed instructions to computers. As of 2018, these are going to be the hottest programming languages in software tech.


Over the years, JavaScript has continued to hold one of the top positions in programming languages across the world. And it looks like it’s not going to fade away anytime soon. The surge in the number of mobile users and consequent rise in the demand for web apps has increased the need for JavaScript and other JS-based frameworks such as React, Angular 5, and VUE.

Today, JavaScript has found its applications almost everywhere in the software sector, from front-end development to web app development. And it is the secret behind some of the most well-designed pages on the web. In a survey conducted by StackOverflow, it was found that nearly 85% of developers use JavaScript.


2014 saw the release of Swift by Apple. When Apple realized that coding in Objective C is quite frustrating, they saw an opportunity to bring in a new, and better programming language into the scene.

The language specification of Swift is comprehensive with many new features. With Swift, one can create high-quality, seamless, and stable applications. Also, Apple strongly relies on Swift while designing OS X  and iOS apps and, given the simplicity of the language (easy to understand and work with), it can be safely concluded that Swift might just become one of the key programming languages in the upcoming 20 years.


Python is a high-level programming language – an amalgamation of the best features of C and C++. What makes Python so amazing is the auto memory management coupled with its function and object-oriented functionality. It is highly dynamic and readable.

Python is used in web development, in designing GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces) such as video games, and a host of applications (audio/video, console, administration, etc.). Most of you are familiar with Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit. Wonder how they’re so smooth and well-crafted? Well, it’s Python guys!


If you’re into functional programming, Scala is the perfect programming language for you! Loaded with some fantastic features such as flexibility, scalability, real-time processing powers, and object-oriented nature, Scala has emerged to become a popular choice among software developers.

Since Scala was designed to run on JVM, so anything you code with Scala can run anywhere that is Java friendly! It is most widely used to develop web apps, Ad hoc scripting in REPL, and analyze data with Spark, to name a few.


Being a free open-source statistical programming language, R is currently the most favorite programming language of statisticians and data miners. Using the power of statistics, R can reveal patterns even in large datasets. The most commendable trait of R has to be its ability to solve complex problems.

R is in high demand among data scientists since it comes equipped with the fundamental functions necessary for data analysis along with some of the most useful statistical algorithms that are the requisites of data-driven science.

So, which among these are you planning to take up? Don’t think too much, pick a language, visit Coding Ninjas, get yourself enrolled in one of our courses, and see yourself sail through!