Things To Know Before Building Your First Android Application


With the advent of smartphones, the number of mobile users across the world has been rising exponentially over the years. As we continue to become increasingly dependent on mobile applications for fulfilling many of our needs, the world of mobile apps is also steadily expanding. As of 2015, the number of mobile users globally was 4.43 billion, and by 2019, this figure is expected to hit 5.07 billion. Today, there are almost 1.6 million Android apps in Google Play Store and nearly 1.5 million iOS apps in the Apple App Store.



Such increasing numbers of mobile users and applications show that it’s a booming opportunity for app developers now! However, if you think that having a great idea for an app is the only thing you need to launch your first Android app, you are mistaken. There are a few things you need to know before leaping into the world of Android applications.

Let us now look at the MOST important things you need to know before building your first Android app.

  1. Learning to Code

When you are keen to develop Android apps, you have to learn how to code. And to code, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of Java. It is a must. You have to start with the basics of app development and for this, you could either enroll yourself in online coding courses or browse through educational tutorials across YouTube, Google, and Bing. In case you want a more professional guidance to coding, try out the online coding courses by Coding Ninjas.

Another crucial thing you need to learn is XML. XML plays a big part in app design and development and learning it along with coding is a wise idea. And if you can, get your hands on this gem – Android Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide.

  1. Get Familiar With IDE

IDE or Integrated Development Environment provides you with the user interface where you can enter your code. Unlike softwares that require you to write two separate codes (one for compilation and one for running), IDEs let you compile and run the code simultaneously. They also allow programmers to test apps in an emulation environment that helps highlight errors and issues in the coding syntax, it also isolates and fixes bugs through debugging. The most popular IDE choice for Android is Android Studio (powered by Google) and Eclipse. However, while Android Studio is exclusively designed for Android app development, Eclipse is a much more generalized IDE.

Some amazing features of Android Studio are:

  • Gradle Integration
  • Advanced Code Completion
  • Fantastic User Interface
  • System Stability
  • Drag and Drop tool

Apart from IDE, app developers can also opt for Android SDK (Software Development Kit) that comprises of debugger, emulator, documentation, libraries, sample code, and tutorials. These tools will help you work on the glitches of your app and improve it.

  1. Don’t Hesitate To Rely On Expert Help

Being a rookie, there will be times when you find yourself stuck on some problem or the other. There are many free online tools such as Stack Overflow, that’ll help you wiggle through such tricky situations in no time. And for everything else, there’s always Google!

  1. Do Your Homework – Market Research

In-Depth market research is essential when you are developing an Android app. Market analyzations can provide you with valuable insights about your potential competitors, your target audience, and the kind of app that is demanded by your target audience. Knowing these key information pieces will allow you to understand the pain points of the mobile demographic and develop your app in a way that it can resolve those pain points seamlessly, enhancing the overall customer service experience.  
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