Online vs. classroom: Which To Choose?

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An increasing number of people from all walks of life are waking up the importance of understanding coding and its underlying principles. From teachers, entrepreneurs, managers, inventors, to even students (not necessarily of Computer Science background), everyone is trying to get around the concepts of programming.

In today’s technology-oriented world, the knowledge of programming is an integral part of learning. Technological innovations surround us and make our lives much more convenient and reliable. If you understand the basics of coding and programming, you know how these innovations work. Not only that, but you’ll also be in a position to implement your ideas and who knows, maybe you’ll be the one creating the next big thing?

Like most advanced disciplines today, you can learn to code either by enrolling in a coding boot camp (offline) or an online coding course. Both of them have their distinct advantages and limitations. Let us get a deeper insight into them.

Classroom Coding Courses:

  1. Better guidance

It is a known fact that a classroom or boot camp environment is a highly interactive one – since you are not only surrounded by counselors and mentors, but also by your classmates. If ever you are unable to grasp a concept or are confused about something, you always have others to guide you through your weak points. Face-to-face discussions are possible in such an environment which can be quite nurturing for your coding skills.

  1. Focused curriculum

Classroom coding classes or coding boot camps usually have a stipulated period (12-15 weeks) during which they focus on teaching the basics of coding, and cover all the relevant topics that every fresher need, helping comprehensive knowledge about coding and programming. The syllabus is curated well-planned, making learning much more natural.

  1. Collaborative learning

When you learn to code in a class with fellow students, you learn to interact and collaborate with them as a team aiming to accomplish a common aim. Coding often requires a team effort and stimulates real-life challenges that you’ll face in a work environment. It’s a great experience to have!

  1. Networking

Coders are nothing short of a community. In a classroom coding environment, you get to meet a lot of people from varied backgrounds – and consequently build good connections with them. Making right contacts and expanding your network can open the door to new possibilities. Who knows, some of these people might even be a potential future colleague!

Online Coding Courses:

  1. Flexibility

One of the most significant advantages of online coding courses is flexibility. You don’t need to commute for long hours to reach your class – your class starts right where you are! This makes it easier to learn to code as you can conveniently fit it into your schedule. You get to learn and interact with your mentor at your own pace and convenience. A survey conducted by The Learning House reported that almost 44% of students who took online courses showed remarkable improvements concerning their employment, for instance, obtaining a full-time job just within a year after graduation.

  1. Affordable courses

When you enroll in an online course, you only need to pay an online application fee, the tuition fee, and maybe spend a little more on reference book supplies. It is much more affordable than classroom courses where you have to incur transportation costs, high tuition rates, and a few other additional costs.

  1. Range of options

Online coding courses usually have a vast number of course topics under their umbrella. As you can study at your convenience, you get to choose from an array of exciting subjects – as time and location are not a limiting factor here.

  1. Self-motivation

Online learning courses demand a lot of motivation and dedication on your part. You need to chalk out deadlines for various courses and topics, and you need to fit them into your busy schedule. Gradually, you not only develop time management skills but also become much more motivated and responsible.

We, at Coding Ninjas aim to provide you the best of both worlds through our flagship online courses. From C++, Java, Machine Learning, to even interview preparation, we try to bridge the gap between online and offline learning through our unique pedagogy. Our ultimate aim is to replicate the classroom experience in our online classes. For the same reason, we have created batch walls where students can easily discuss doubts, share notes, and form a network. The teaching assistants (TAs) are available online for 6-8 hours daily to clear any doubts you have, and to help you better, we maintain a strict 10:1 ratio of students to TAs.. Everything from the instructors, course material, assignments, etc., is the same as our offline classes. You just get to learn at your own pace and time, and also earn a certificate along the way. Can’t get better!

Our online classes also provide in-house code sharing functionalities like code pair where students can seamlessly share their coding screen with teaching assistants without using a third-party application. The students can avail the benefits of text and video chat to collaborate in real-time with their TAs and classmates. If you are someone who learns better through interaction, discussions, and brainstorming sessions, then our online courses are for you! Do drop by our course page to know more. To make sure you aren’t in any sorts of double minds, we also provide a free-trial of our online classes, so that you can get the feel of what it is all about!

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