Future Of Coding: How Coding Is Influencing Every Major Field In The World Today?



We live in a world where tech dominates almost every aspect of our lives. From controlling multiple appliances in our homes through one single device to indulging in various online entertainment sources(games, music, shows, etc. ), everything is increasingly becoming software integrated. Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube had once very aptly stated:

“From phones to cars to medicine, technology touches every part of our lives. If you can create technology, you can change the world.”

Even though we are enjoying the benefits of these software powered technological innovations, little do we know about what goes into making such cool developments that have made our life extremely comfortable and convenient. The magic word is ‘Coding.’

Coding is a creative process of the mind that combines mathematics, logic, and algorithms to find solutions. Large problems are broken down into smaller and more manageable fragments. This is known as Computational Thinking. Software engineers use this approach to create such software that can help solve various problems, thereby connecting human needs with the befitting benefactors. Although during the initial years of its development, (the 1960s) coding was exclusively limited to develop business and scientific applications, today, coders are using their coding skills to promote social good.

As we speak, more and more industries and organizations are adopting software that not only help them improve the efficiency of their products and services, but in the process also allow them to come up with such solutions as can make human life more convenient than ever. These pioneering solutions are the fruits of coding.

  1. Housing  and Living – Smart Homes


Today, the housing industry is rapidly changing, all thanks to coders and the software they develop. Gone are the days of the run-of-the-mill houses, for this is the era of Smart Homes. A smart home essentially refers to a home with a centralized controlling system – all the devices in your home can be connected over a single digital home platform, and their functioning can be controlled and regulated through a smartphone or a tablet. For instance, you can set the lights, fans, air conditioners in your home to automatically switch on when you enter the room and switch off when you leave the room; you can lock your house with a click on your smartphone; with smart cameras, you can monitor what goes about in and around your house 24×7. Now, isn’t that nice? Imagine being able to control all the appliances within your home just through a click on your smartphone from anywhere in the world! This is called home automation technology which brings with it numerous advantages such as fortified home security, energy efficiency, easy accessibility, to name a few. Softwares like X10, Z-Wave, and ZigBee have made home automation a reality.

  1. Healthcare Industry


The inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics is helping transform the healthcare industry by leaps and bounds. Healthcare organizations all around the world have already started using AI to understand, detect, and diagnose diseases more accurately. Google’s DeepMind technology is a great example here. Combining machine learning with neuroscience systems, it creates powerful algorithms designed to mimic the human brain and incorporate these into neural networks. Healthcare devices and wearables allow people to monitor their health, thereby, helping them to take responsibility for their health.

Robotics, on the other hand, are helping transform prosthetics. Now, patients can have advanced bionic limbs that can perform several day-to-day tasks. This will go a long way in helping differently abled people to go on with their lives just like everyone else. AI and Robotics are rooted in understanding the behavior patterns of humans and develop such machines that can act in a way a human does. Incorporating Big Data in healthcare has revolutionized the way in which medical records of patients are maintained. Everything is electronically synchronized and stored for future usage. Big Data algorithms can help predict the possibilities of diseases of a patient by analyzing his/her medical history. These technologies are the real game-changers in the industry that have greatly reduced the occurrence of chance errors in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

  1. Mobile Applications


Our smartphones can help us accomplish almost 70% of our tasks with just a click. The applications that we regularly use on our phones have made our lives much easier now. Whether it is to gain knowledge and learn new things on the internet, or games and other forms of entertainment, or online shopping – there is an app for your every need. Today, learning apps have made it easier for everyone to gain knowledge about various disciplines. With so many shopping apps, we can order whatever we wish for and have it delivered to our doorstep, be it medicine, or groceries, or apparels. Online transactions have become a breeze with safe and speedy online payment apps. You no longer have to wait in the queue for a taxi, for now, you can book a cab and have it pick you up from your convenient location with apps such as Uber and Ola.

All of these groundbreaking technologies are a reality today, thanks to coding. But these are just a few examples of how coding is changing the society for the better. As technology continues to develop and progress, coding will help open new vistas in the future and who knows, we just might be able to solve some of the most pressing global problems! Needless to say, coding holds great promises for the future and the upcoming generations.

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