Get ready for the ultimate summer scholarship test!



Are you someone who’s intensely passionate about developing coding skills?

Are you looking to build a solid career as a developer?

Or, did you happen to miss our winter scholarship test and ended up regretting?

Well, fret no more! Coding Ninjas is back with another scholarship test to set your summer break right. If you’ve always wanted to get behind the subtler points of programming, this is your chance to shine!

We, at Coding Ninjas, believe that many talented and deserving individuals are just waiting for a little nudge. This scholarship is our way of motivating and rewarding all of you passionate programmers out there!

The summer Admission and Scholarship Test is scheduled to be held on online on 27th March 2018 at 9 PM. The test will cover fundamental aptitude questions, that is, general logical problems in mathematics and reasoning, which are essential to set the base right. The registration fee for the online test is ₹ 100 only!

What will you gain through this scholarship?

With this Scholarship Test, you can get up to 50% scholarship on both our online and offline foundation courses! Our faculty is comprised of graduates from top institutes such as Stanford University, IITs, IIITs, and are dedicated to creating a new generation of coders and developers.

The knowledge of Data Structures, Algorithms, and their implementations is extremely important to ensure a fulfilling career as a programmer. These concepts stay the same across various programming languages, so a thorough understanding of the same will help you switch to different languages with ease.

Through this scholarship, you’ll be able to hone these valuable skills along with the knowledge and implementation of Java and C++. Other than DS and Algorithms, the course will also dive into key concepts of programming. The aim of this course is to set your foundation correct so that not only you do well in these languages, but if you ever wish to learn a new language, you shouldn’t face much troubles.

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  1. The test will only start at 9 PM sharp.
  1. The duration of the test will be 60 minutes, so the test will automatically close at 10 PM. In case you complete the test before the stipulated time, you can submit your test by clicking on Submit Test.*
  1. The total number of questions is 25, and the maximum score is 500 points.
  1. Each question has one correct answer.
  1. There is no negative marking for wrong answers.

So, if this is the break you’ve been waiting for – think no more and just dive in! Give it your best shot and who knows, someday you might just take the world by surprise with your programming skills!

Interested? Register for the test: