Your Cheat Sheet To Landing Your Dream Tech Job


An army of techies are making rounds to find that perfect tech job every year. You have two options; follow the herd and knock the gates with your average skills or stand out of the crowd to make way.

Navigating across job applications and interviews can award you a bagful of stress and anxiety. You need to have a better understanding of what a recruiter wants to land up with that perfect job.

Now, this comes with an additional responsibility of having a unique combination of skills and personality.

This Cheat Sheet helps formulate responses without confusion and delay on your interview calls.

So the question here really is that with so many people competing at once, how does one stand out of the crowd? Also will clear your doubts on how to get placed in product based company.

Here is the cheat sheet for rolling in from some of the most illustrious recruiting managers of the tech industry.
  • Show ’em that you are deploy ready:

    No matter how much your resume speaks, companies want to be certain you are adept at the skills required for the job.

    Many a times, the companies don’t want to hire to train you, they want you to jump in and do the job.

    Read the job responsibilities well in advance, tailor your resume accordingly and make them believe you are a plug-and-play talent for the job!


  • Learn to code:

    Programming is an essential skill for tech professions. There are allotted scores for languages such as C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic and more.

    Basic knowledge of coding and problem solving is a must for the entrants. There’s no second way to that so why lose out on it?

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  • Interdisciplinary skill sets:

    Employers want their employees not only collaborate with a team of people from different departments but also to think like them to make working together easier.

    Showcase your cross disciplinary skills to the recruiter. Tell them about what else out of the box skills you’ve acquired over time. Read, study and know about the functions outside of yours.


  • Love the company, do your homework well:

    Everybody wants a job which is more than a paycheck. Similarly companies want employees who believe in the company, are aligned with the goals and ideals and make work their passion. You always need to make that first impression right.

    Don’t apply for a job just for the sake of it. Study about the job role, company profile, work culture etc. and show what an ardent fan you are of the company and their ideals.


  • Stay hungry, stay foolish:

    Your inquisitiveness paves your way to success. Come up with your own questions, don’t be a programmed robot. Your pro-activeness will showcase your personality.

    Besides, it’ll also make the recruiter believe you’re genuinely interested in the company and job.


  • Personality:

    Now this is an aspect in which only you can help yourself. Make your speech and text uptight. Dress up well, have some chivalry and confidence to exhibit your potential.

    Your presence in the room is what makes a difference. Get noticed or be invisible.



Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs will be in demand 2021?

The computer science jobs that will be in demand in 2021 will be AI specialists, data scientists, robotics engineers, data analysts, full stack engineers, cybersecurity specialists, cloud engineers.

Which technology is in demand in IT jobs 2021?

The technology that is in demand for IT and computer science jobs in 2021 is artificial intelligence, cloud, devops, blockchain, big data and full stack engineering.

What computer science jobs pay the most?

The computer science jobs that pay the most are software engineer, software architect, data engineer, DevOps engineer, and computer scientist.

What fields of computer science will be in the highest demand after 2020?

The computer science jobs that will be in the highest demand after 2020 are AI specialists, data scientists, data analysts, full-stack engineers, cybersecurity specialists, blockchain developers, and cloud engineers.

Which IT jobs pay the most?

The IT jobs that pay the most are IT project manager, IT security consultant, site reliability engineer, etc.

Which IT skill is most in demand?

The IT skill that is most in demand is artificial intelligence.


Follow these bare basics in this cheat sheet and be geared up for your next interview.

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