5 reasons to be at CodeKaze

Code-Kaze is back with its third edition and this time you wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in the world! It’s triple the fun, challenge and prizes. Code-Kaze is an online coding challenge with a twist and you need to attend it to experience the awesomeness. Why should you attend it, you ask? Ninjas ahoy! Here are the top 5 reasons to participate in Code-Kaze.
  • Showcase your deadly Ninja skills: You have been sharpening your swords, it’s time that you strike. Put in your coding moves and stand out of the crowd. Competing in online challenges not only certifies your zest for coding but also aids in your portfolio building. Want a final revision before getting to the battle ground? Check out our ‘Challenge of the day’ here.
  • Race against time: Everybody runs the race but only the fastest wins. Code Kaze is not just about solving the problem statement but solving it faster than anybody else. Your brain and those code hands need to move at an equal pace. The fastest fingers will be the first!
  • Hone your skills: Attending the challenge can hone your important industry-specific job skills. Your problem-solving abilities and brain teasing levels will be skyrocketing. Every industry looks for a candidate who has sharp ideation and coding skills.The more you compete, better you become.
  • A truckload of Prizes: A Ninja’s dedication is worthy of a reward and we’ve got amazing rewards stacked up for you. Cash prizes worth INR 10,000 is what the winners take away. Oh yes! And besides the cash, there is a truckload of goodies as giveaways.
  • A rewarding experience: Code Kaze is an extremely rewarding experience! Let’s face it -creating something from scratch isn’t that simple. And there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than coding your heart out to see your solution come to life in just a matter of few hours. Not to mention, there are prizes galore and Ninja lessons to take away.
If it does not challenge you, it does not change you. Get rolling ninjas, register now!