7 important skills of a kickass Coding Ninja!

It’s a Ninja world out there! Ninjas are lightning sharp and swift. And with the evolution of programming and programmers, a new breed of coders leveled up. These were the Samurais of the Code World, popularly known as a ‘Code Ninja’. Wondering who is a Code Ninja? Urban dictionary defines it as someone who has excellent knowledge in many programming languages. A Coding Ninjitsu defines the discipline and strategies that a Code Ninja follows for accuracy, speed and power. So here are some characteristics of a kickass coding Ninja:
Bugei (Martial Skills):
Great technical skills are the primary weapons or the Buki of a coding Ninja. He/She is not afraid of whatever comes in the way and ready to tackle it all. Years of experience and adding new languages to the stack from time to time builds up a master Ninja.
Willingness to learn:
Reason_2-01The school of learning (Kogaku) should always be resident in a Coding Ninja’s heart. Technology is always evolving and the skills and abilities of a coder need to be revised from time to time. It’s important that a coder has an interest in following the latest trends and is eager to participate in any continuing education opportunities that are available.
Aikijujutsu (Combative grappling):
Creating code is only part of the job, debugging is an important aspect. When the code doesn’t work as expected, a coder is expected to get to the root of the problem and fix it effectively.  A true coding Ninja prefers to carefully investigate his code and research possible issues until an answer is found instead of aimlessly editing the code.
Hensogakurejutsu (The art of blending): 
Some programmers require complete silence to concentrate, while others thrive in chaos. A true coding Ninja can thrive in any conditions to complete his errand.
Gowaza (Problem Solving/Hard Fighting skills):
A good coding ninja thrives on finding ways to make something work, despite the hurdles.  The problem-solving skills of a ninja enables him/her to break a complex problem bit by bit and find the road to glory.
Kurai Mori (Path of fire):
An ideal coding Ninja should be able to work in tight deadlines and stressed situations with utmost ease. He is unstoppable!
Keiraku (Art of planning):
Rather than beating around the bush and irrational strikes, a coding ninja always understands a problem, lays out a plan (pseudo codes, logos, logic maps, ERDs) and then executes it carefully.
Being a coding Ninja involves discipline and a lot of fun too! Unsure of the fun part? Well, we at Coding Ninjas make sure about that aspect. Visit our website today for the amazing challenges and learning camps and become a Coding Ninja today! Ready? Hit the code and shout Haiiiiyaaahuuuuu!!!!